Staying grounded

Hi friends,

I am just back from a most restful and exhilarating weekend in the Drakensberg. There’s a lot to be said for walking in the rain, climbing a mountain, jumping from rock to rock and doing all of it without thinking about the state of your hair, the size of your bum or whether your outfit works. ‘Grounding’ is the word I think! This little break was just what I needed to see me through the final mad months of 2008. Summer is here and FriendsWithJenny is gearing up for a frantic and fantastic tail-end of the year, with many new and exciting developments (a store! A column!), a veritable production line of delicious goodies and more shopping in the centre of my fashion universe, London.

The last few months have undoubtedly been turbulent and nerve-wracking world-wide, and one definitely feels the need to tighten one’s seat belt! I of course prefer to tighten my waist-belt!

Until next time,