This, too, shall pass

Hi friends,

The last few days have brought so much relief – the 1st of the summer rains in Jozi! I know those of you in the Cape are waterlogged and so over the rain, but we have been dry and dusty for what feels like an eternity, and some lightening, thunder and afternoon storms have made a world of difference to my mood. There’s nothing quite like the release of a good storm after weeks of heat and cloudless skies. It feels normal, in an otherwise topsy-turvy world!

I’m trying to stay positive in light of the world markets and the exchange rate. I have my moments where I wonder about the future of my business, the future of retail, what the festive season and beyond will bring, and how I’ll manage my trips to the UK on my feeble Rands. But in the end I do believe that worrying won’t change a thing, and the only option any of us have is to hang in. So I’ll be maintaining an air of optimistic gratitude and eating out less, buying fewer shoes, staying away from MAC counters and buying classic staples for my summer wardrobe. What goes down must come up!

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