APRIL newsletter

Hi friends,

How can it possibly be April already?! I feel flustered and overwhelmed by the passage of time and the ever looming onset of wrinkles! Bronze leaves are falling wherever I drive at the moment and waking up early is no longer exhilarating! The chilly air and darker evenings and mornings do not fill me with excitement – I am definitely a summer girl!

That said, I am looking forward to some of the winter fashions coming our way – chunky, cosy knits, boyfriend blazers, more jump suits and harem pants, and a palette of moody and flattering greys. And not to mention flat riding boots, booties, buckled boots, chunky boots, and over-the-knee boots…the answer to any woman’s shoe fetish!

Until next time I’d like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Easter and Passover! Enjoy the celebrations and the many holidays coming our way this month!

Don’t forget to catch my weekly (every Monday) sartorial article on Style Scoop www.stylescoop.co.za




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