Monday reading: hard shoulder

Read my article on Style Scoop: shoulder detail

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Happy Monday everyone! I’m just back from a weekend in Cape Town, spent luxuriating with my bf, and now heavy-lidded and a little blue from my 4.30am wake-up and relocation! My carbon footprint is atrocious this year 🙁 Long-distance relationships damage the heart and the planet.

The new GLOSSY

I’m a magazine fanatic, but often feel environmentally guilty when I see the piles of paper I accumulate every month, not to mention the piles of cash I dole out to sate my passion!

So I am suitably excited to tell you about GLOSSY, the brand spanking new digital mag filled with fashion, beauty and style, sourced locally and abroad. It’s free, easy and green, which is just what the doctor ordered in the current state of the world.

GLOSSY launches on 1 September. Check out the official website and start flipping through the content live on your computer screen.

New blog love

With Saturday seeping into me, I’m feeling particularly languid and ready to eat something delicious cooked by my dear friend. Just thought I’d pop online and let you know a new blog love I’ve found. It’s written by Ruth Griffin from awesome online designer store Matches, and she blogs about latest trends, what the Matches buyers are coveting, and what’s hot on the London streets. Definitely worth a gander.

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Hurricane Vanessa

Cosmo’s Vanessa Raphaely is blogging and I’m enjoying daily reading of her witty comments, bitchy observations and just a little bit of poking fun at her competitors. She’s a smart lady, and it seems that there is more to life than sex and shopping!

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