Happy smiley people

So there are a lot of shitty people in the world, which makes me all the way down sad. But happily there are also so many awesome, kind, clever and outrageously creative people around, and I keep discovering more and more on the web. Bloggers, designers, creatives and fashion fanatics. Positive people who have cool stuff to say and happy thoughts to put out there. Being online is a source of never-ending ‘ah-ha!’ moments and goose-bumps!

Here is one such lady. If you have been on another planet, best you check out Garance Doré’s blog. She’s gorgeous, smart and talented, her thoughts are a daily read of mine, and I’d die to meet her. A testament to her popularity: The Gap has just asked her to put together a collection of her sketches, texts and photos and produce a range of covetable tees. I’m busy working on a plan to get my hands on one of these very limited addition lovelies! Any ideas?

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