Pistols, cheese cake and fashion

After a lovely weekend visiting the boyfriend in Cape Town (Winex, Minato’s, Nonna Lina, The Radisson for cocktails and views, cheese cake from the Biscuit Mill market and a new ‘do), I’m back in Jo’burg struggling to get going on this Monday morning. It is no doubt related to my awfully late return flight last night (cheap but not so chic), the giant Siamese cat who prowled around my house at about 2am hissing and meowing (one would not describe him as friendly), and the shouting followed by gun shots in the block of flats next door at about 4am. Rest assured shouting and gun shots are not a regular occurrence as I like to think I live in a ‘nice’ neighbourhood, but they certainly got my adrenalin pumping, which again, is not conducive to sleep.

Anyway, enough of that. It’s fashion week this week, so I’m slowly getting in a better mood in the anticipation of frivolous fashion gazing, outfit planning and hob-knobbing.

And here’s a little something pretty and lust worthy to start your week off right! Feast your eyes on internationally-renowned interior designer Laurie Owen’s ‘romantic organic’ home, featured in Elle Decoration. I’m in love…


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