Shoe crisis!

I’m having a little fashion week drama. Yesterday in a hurried headless chicken move, I stubbed my toe hard enough to crack the bone…you should see the other guy! Anyway, sailor talk and lying on the floor softly crying into the carpet did little to stop me being left with a distinctly unattractive, purple and definitely swollen digit. Having decided on Monday what I’d be wearing to the shows this week, I’ve now had to change my plans completely. No cute heels, peep-toes or even ballet pumps! It’s sandals, or preferably Havaiannas all the way. Last night I wore stirruped leggings and a floaty silk oversized tunic dress with silver gladiator-esque shoes. Simple yet chic. Tonight though I am stumped. My friend is dying to see me in jeggings, but I’m feeling a little wary, and I’m not feeling summery and bronzed enough for a short dress. And there’s still tomorrow night and Saturday! Help! A hobble and un-pretty feet are not the best fashion week team!

Oh well, wish me luck! I’m off now to scour my wardrobe for something suitable!