Friday chirpiness

Well considering the ugly digit, last night’s outfit turned out pretty well. I went for the jeggings, Coast and Koi silver sandals and a slightly hippy linen tunic worn over a white vest. After a glass of bubbly I felt all in all much happier. I watched the Lunar show and TWO and Ruby show. TWO really showed something entirely different from their previous collections – more street, more edgy, in a palette of nudes. Highly desirable and makes me look forward to next winter!

Trepidation ensues though at the thought of putting tonight’s outfit together, as well as tomorrow’s! EEK.

I’m really pleased that today is Friday, even though I’ll be working tomorrow and Sunday (Friends with Jenny tea parties), and even though I won’t be able to do an Ashtanga class tomorrow morning due to the silly toe. Sigh. The 7 month old nephew is coming to visit for the weekend – he is edible and happy and I will have to refrain from squeezing him too much – and that makes up for both the toe and the work.

I love this dress! Ok, it’s on JLo so it looks fab, but I think the hood is divine. See here for more.

I also love this. Makes me feel like nesting. And baking. And drinking earl grey tea. (From the awesome Cup of Jo).

And finally, something equally squeeze-able as the nephew. My cat (ok, he’s actually the neighbour’s, but he spends a large amount of his day napping in my flat) is the king of comfortable. He does practice a lot, but every time I see him sleeping I want to curl up in bed myself. It’s something about the way his paws curl around his nose and he looks all deliciously floppy and languorous.

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