Tuesday musings

Yesterday I suggested to the boyfriend that we find a tropical island, and he could run the bar and scuba dive and I’d flit around in a sarong and teach yoga. Sounds idyllic yes? This adult stuff is highly overrated. We could live an island life, dispose of the clutter of ‘things’ and simplify. No unthinking consumption and no fixation on the accumulation of stuff. Sigh. A plan to put in motion.

On a back-to-earth note, the toe is much recovered and I managed to get through fashion week, tired but unscathed. My favourite 3 shows were TWO, Sies! and Guillotine (and no, that’s not just because I stock these three designers!). As an aside, I have to say that I do grow tired of the so called fashion “elite” and the front row politics and commentary. No names will be named, but considering I watched a man digging through my trash this morning, I do think it’s pertinent to point out that (gasp) there are more important things than fashion.

Back to frivolous thoughts.

Things to look forward to this week: public holiday Thursday, yoga 3 times this week (starting today…toe be damned!), a Friends with Jenny tea party on Sunday (come on cash flow!), a facial tomorrow for the 1st time in months (I warned you that these were frivolous thoughts), and some FWJ brain-storming (not so frivolous).

Things not to look forward to this week: the continuing factory worker strike and public holiday Thursday (4 day weeks sadly screw up my production schedule).

Here’s a little pic of the chic friend and I at a fashion week show. Jeggings. Hmm…still not convinced I made the right sartorial decision. See more here