Feel good Friday

Someone told me yesterday that hurting my right foot meant that I was ‘stuck’. I guess it makes sense considering feet are our connection to the earth and I’ve felt a little ungrounded lately…a little lacking in new ideas and inspiration. Anyway, food for my weekend’s thoughts.

I managed to kick my Energy Bar habit months ago, but it seems I’ve fallen right off the wagon again. Not sure what it is about the chewy bars, but I’m thoroughly addicted and cannot even convince myself that they are vaguely healthy, especially the chocolate covered varieties which are my favourites. I had to stop and get sustenance on my way to Weylandts this morning, which by the way, when I entered the store felt liked I’d died and gone to heaven. Chris Weylandt has the best taste ever, and if I could kit out my house in Weylandts from top to toe, I’d be ecstatic. Unfortunately my bank balance is not that kind of bank balance, and I’m just in the market for a bed at the moment, with pedestals and perhaps one of those groovy hanging lamps made out of sliced up loofah…ingenious!

Today has not really felt like a working day, especially since half of Jo’burg has vacated the city. The weekend holds yoga and a Friends with Jenny tea party on Sunday, as well as pizza tomorrow and maybe some antique shopping. Next week is going to be quite a week, with the 1st Durban open days and the boyfriend flying in for a visit on Saturday night…whoomp there it is!

Here’s the coveted lamp from Weylandts, and the bed of my dreams…

If like me you like to torture yourself, see more here

And here’s something ridiculously cute to start the weekend with! Happy Friday!