Durban open days: day 1

Well here I am in Durban. My hair is loving the humidity…and I am not loving my hair. But oh well, I’m enjoying the warmth since Jo’burg has been nippy for the last few days. Girls have been in and out since 12pm, and I am taking this quick respite to check out what’s been happening online, catch my breath and do a little blogging. (Unfortunately there are also biscuits in my room…which is never a good thing!)

Holding thumbs that the open days continue as they started, with lovely style conscious fashion-forward girls fighting over garments 🙂

Back to Jo’burg tomorrow afternoon. My excitement mounts at the idea of seeing the boyfriend after 3 whole weeks. This long-distance lark is for the birds!

I’m probably getting a bit boring the way I go on about yoga, but can I just say that last night’s Ashtanga class was fabulous! Ahhh….bliss! Ok, got that out of my system! Now I can go back to thinking about what I am going to wear tomorrow! Skinny jeans, brogues, oversized tasselled vest?