A shot in the rear

Helloooo helloooo!

I’m gearing up for the Cape Town open days this Friday and Saturday, and I have to say I’m a little excited. Last weekend in Durbs I did not have even a moment to wiggle my toes in the sand, so I’m hoping that this weekend in the Cape the clients will be lining up, the weather will be February perfect, and I’ll be able to don a cossie and hit the beach on Sunday (palest pale skin and all).

I’ve been feeling a little like a deflated balloon of late, a little sad, droopy and under the heavy influence of gravity. So I girded my loins (and everything else) this morning and had a vitamin B shot in the bum. The nurse was great, but I still felt like I’d been injected with cut glass. The adrenalin kicked in and then suddenly out, and seeing as though I have slight needle issues, I almost hit the floor (most undignified). Anyway, I’m recovered, and hopefully by week four of jabs I’ll be pumped up and ready to tackle these grindingly hard last few weeks of the year.



3 thoughts on “A shot in the rear

  1. Think you should def still come, broke or not 😉 We’ll have a chance to meet and you can see what I stock, even if you don’t have too much cash on hand! Prices range from R200 up, so there’s quite a variety.

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