October newsletter

Hi darlings,

Summer is here and it makes me so very happy 🙂

I’m back in Jo’burg after doing open days in Cape Town and Durban, and I’m pleased as punch with all the new gorgeous summer stock which is just unpacked and swinging from my rails. Dresses, dresses and more dresses! And of course the usual mix of ‘better than’ basics, skirts, bum/hip flattering trousers ad essential beach (to bar) wear. It’s a great summer season with tons of pretty styles and delicious summery colours!

The FWJ tea parties have been going so well! Jo’burg girls book yours now before everyone disappears in the December rush! They are great socialising, catching-up events (and even in-office shindigs!), and of course you get some retail therapy at the same time! Bonus! Capetonians, I will be in your city the weekends of the 20th November and 11th December, so why not gather your girlfriends and book a shopping tea party? I haven’t got a trip planned for Durbs, but would be willing to accommodate any girls desperate to throw a party! Drop me a mail, and you as the host get a R500 voucher


Recognise the gorgeous girl below? Yup, it’s Veronique (from Idols, a few years ago) doing a shoot in Friends with Jenny! Pretty right?