Thinking this much hurts

It’s a weird week. The last two (well actually 6 if I’m truthful) have been so frantic, that this quieter week is disturbing me. I am tap tapping my fingers waiting for my new styles to move their achingly slow way through the production mill. It makes me nervous that I’m waiting…Jo’burg is a ghost town in December and everyone is broke in January, so I only have a few weeks left to really cash in on summer sales…

I’m still on the search for a bedroom suite that I love love love. And since so far nothing has tickled my fancy, I think I’ll be heading back to Weylandts in a couple of days to get something pricey but pretty!

I am also battling to get off the couch these days because I’ve finally got my hands on the Twilight series (ok, I’m a bit behind the times), and I’m onto New Moon. Totally in love with Bella and Edward, and addicted to the story!!!

And finally, here’s a little something fash related to before you think I’ve lost it completely. Ban-do is a lust-worthy label and although pretty pricey, I’m coveting this gorgeous head piece below: