OPEN DAYS: 27 and 28 Nov, JHB

Don’t miss the open days (the last of the year) tomorrow and Saturday! I’m busy getting everything organised, and let me tell you, there are some A-MAZING summer goodies to make your December break a super stylish one! And some extra nice discounts and specials thrown in too!

When: 27 November (2pm – 7pm) and 28 November (10am – 1pm)
Where: 31 Orly, 1st Road, Hyde Park

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Pity party

I am feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. An onslaught of flu, a boyfriend in Cape Town, a blow-out in the middle of nowhere on the way back from the airport on Sunday night, and a little bit of past-related emotional turbulence. Add to that a verrrry busy week, fabric shopping to do today, open days and tea parties, and sadly flu-induced yoga time-out.

But on the extremely bright side, in three weeks I will be packing (lightly) to go to Thailand, and next weekend I will be fiercely jamming at The Killers.

So perhaps I need to lay off the chocolate and staunch those tears!

Here are some sparkly bits that cheered me up on J Crew. I have to get to the States next year…I am dying to get into this shop!!!

Tuesday news

Today is icy in JHB and has left me thinking about bed, my latest Marie Claire and tea. I was left feeling the new girl in yoga this morning, and my body is shouting out its need for a nap.

But on a good note, I have managed to find 3 awesome pressies for the boyfriend’s Christmas stocking, which is a relief since I was beginning to feel the onset on Christmas anxiety.

On top of that I’m off to Cape Town on Friday, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that the great weather there will hold and I will be able to brave the beach for the first time this summer.

Head’s up Jozi girls! Next Friday and Saturday I’ll be holding OPEN DAYS (the last of the year!) in a venue in Hyde Park. All the details to be posted/tweeted shortly!

FWJ reps

FWJ is looking for sales reps in DBN, CT and JHB (and elsewhere for that matter). Lucrative in both dollar and clothing, so get in touch asap to find out all the details and secure your spot!

Starting in the new year!