Away for the holidays…

So Friends with Jenny shut on Friday and I am luxuriating in that holiday feeling!

I spent the weekend in lovely (despite a serious gale force wind that lifted me off my feet and made a good hair day a hard thing to come by) Cape Town celebrating the end of the boyfriend’s MBA , and the end of our long-distance relationship…I was nothing but thrilled to take my last flights up and down for 2009!

I am off to Thailand tomorrow…I know, I know I CAN BARELY WAIT! It’s a little surreal and I’ll believe it when I’m in Bangkok shopping up a monsoon and grabbing for gorgeous fabrics left, right and centre! My far-flung holiday destination does mean though that I’ll be absent from the blogosphere for a while and my twitter posts will be few and far in between. So apologies in advance!

I (and Friends with Jenny) will be back in action on the 13th January 2010 (that’s the 1st time I’ve typed ‘2010’…phew!!!), so here’s hoping you all have a super, safe and stylish holiday period!


Something close to my heart

Here’s something close to my heart. It’s a book about one family boycotting all products made in China for a year. Difficult? Yes. But impossible? No.

Goods designed and manufactured in SA are invariably more expensive because of our higher material and labour costs, but it’s really really important to support our local industries (the only way our production will get cheaper and variety will get bigger is if there is a higher consumer demand).
As someone in clothing manufacture I know how difficult it is to compete with companies who import from China or who manufacture in Chinese factories – there is no way I can match their prices or their turn around times. But at least I know exactly where my garments are made and I can safely stick a “Made in South Africa” label in any FWJ seams!

So…buy local and lekker ๐Ÿ™‚

Buy the book here.

Chic Jozi

I have just found out via StyleScoop that Friends with Jenny is mentioned in the recently released book Chic Jozi. Cool, right?!

Nikki Temkin has put together a little essential guide to Jo’burg, with everything “from restaurants, bargain-hunting, landscape gardening and urban chilling, to club-hopping, museums, markets and vintage stores; from spas, the best boutiques, and local designers, to going green with organic products, kids’ courses, yoga and meditation: this is your one-stop, utterly essential guide to how to have a good time in Joburg.”

Tra la la…and Friends with Jenny is of course the place to get your exclusive threads ๐Ÿ™‚

You can buy the book here. A great stocking-filler for a snooty Capetonian!!

Happy holidays and hello 2010!

Well here we are at the tail-end of the year…and what a year it has been! 2010 is set to be another fully packed one, and hereโ€™s hoping that Friends with Jenny grows from strength to strength, just as it has this year.

The studio will be closed from 12pm on Friday the 11th December and will reopen on the 13th January 2010, which means that there are just 3 and a half days left to get your summer wardrobe sorted! To help you on your way, everything in-store will be reduced by 15% until the doors shut on Friday…so be quick, book your appointment asap and get all your holiday essentials!

Thank you for all your support this year, and I hope you have a safe, stylish and super chilled holiday season!

Book your tea party for the new year now โ€“ weโ€™re getting booked up fast!



Today I am pissed off about Tiger Woods. Yes, I know, he’s all over the news all the time, but I still have to ask why Mr Sqeaky-Clean-Money-Bags couldn’t just keep it in his pants…especially when his wife looks like this:

It’s depressing, that’s what it is, and even if Elin didn’t smash his car with a golf club, I sure would have (while aiming for his head).

December, December!

Can you believe it!? 1 December! Wowzer, this year has FLOWN by!

I’m not sure what it’s like elsewhere around SA, but here in Jo’burg it’s sweltering!! What tends to happen to me in December, especially in seriously warm temperatures, is my will to work evaporates and is replaced with the strong desire to drink cocktails in sandy places and have the scent of sunblock perpetually in my nostrils.

On that note, I went swimming cossie shopping yesterday, and found some seriously cute bikinis(although small over the bum) at Woman’s Secret, and a gorgeous full-piece at Country Road. As an aside, both stores’ change rooms (in Hyde Park) are great…superior lighting, which may explain why I ended up with 3 pieces of swimwear!!

I have exactly 2 weeks left until I fly off to Thailand (which is both surreal and insanely exciting), which means that I have just 2 weeks left of work for 2009! Woot!

Here’s a blog I love (something to read to further distract you from work). Show Me Your Wardrobe, “a sneaky peek into the wardrobes of today’s creative talent”.