December, December!

Can you believe it!? 1 December! Wowzer, this year has FLOWN by!

I’m not sure what it’s like elsewhere around SA, but here in Jo’burg it’s sweltering!! What tends to happen to me in December, especially in seriously warm temperatures, is my will to work evaporates and is replaced with the strong desire to drink cocktails in sandy places and have the scent of sunblock perpetually in my nostrils.

On that note, I went swimming cossie shopping yesterday, and found some seriously cute bikinis(although small over the bum) at Woman’s Secret, and a gorgeous full-piece at Country Road. As an aside, both stores’ change rooms (in Hyde Park) are great…superior lighting, which may explain why I ended up with 3 pieces of swimwear!!

I have exactly 2 weeks left until I fly off to Thailand (which is both surreal and insanely exciting), which means that I have just 2 weeks left of work for 2009! Woot!

Here’s a blog I love (something to read to further distract you from work). Show Me Your Wardrobe, “a sneaky peek into the wardrobes of today’s creative talent”.