Away for the holidays…

So Friends with Jenny shut on Friday and I am luxuriating in that holiday feeling!

I spent the weekend in lovely (despite a serious gale force wind that lifted me off my feet and made a good hair day a hard thing to come by) Cape Town celebrating the end of the boyfriend’s MBA , and the end of our long-distance relationship…I was nothing but thrilled to take my last flights up and down for 2009!

I am off to Thailand tomorrow…I know, I know I CAN BARELY WAIT! It’s a little surreal and I’ll believe it when I’m in Bangkok shopping up a monsoon and grabbing for gorgeous fabrics left, right and centre! My far-flung holiday destination does mean though that I’ll be absent from the blogosphere for a while and my twitter posts will be few and far in between. So apologies in advance!

I (and Friends with Jenny) will be back in action on the 13th January 2010 (that’s the 1st time I’ve typed ‘2010’…phew!!!), so here’s hoping you all have a super, safe and stylish holiday period!