Feeling heartbroken and sad today. We put our magnificent Anatolian Shepherd, Gimli, down yesterday. He’d had bone cancer for 4 months, but in the last week it sped up monstrously and really got into his lungs, so it was time.

One helluva personality and a massive space to fill.


I’m busy reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I adored her Eat, Pray, Love and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next book by this amazing writer. She tackles ‘marriage’ as a divorcee being forced to marry the love of her life.

At page one I could completely identify with Elizabeth’s fear of the M word. I find myself torn – on one hand I’m a hopeless romantic, reckless with my heart and prone to dramatic infatuations, and the embroidered idealisation of past events, people, conversations. I browse through wedding blogs, pawing over images of happy couples, although I am possibly more interested in creating the perfect, visually arresting, original and uncliché-ed wedding. On the opposite end of the spectrum though, I’m a bruised cynic, having experienced my own share of disenchantment, and having watched my friends and family members go through heartbreak and dashed expectations. I’m fundamentally unsure of the sustainability of marriage.

I’m half way through the book, and I’m captivated. Elizabeth really shares herself on the pages, much like a best friend, and I find myself nodding and laughing out loud (much to the amusement of those next to me at the gym). She’s one funny lady!

I can’t wait to finish the book, although it’s a book that needs to be read more than once – it’s brimming with insightful relationship advice, whether you’re married or divorced, single or partnered-up.

You can listen to a great talk by Elizabeth on creativity and genius on

FWJ newsletter

Monday again? Really?

Well ladies, it is almost the end of January (can you believe it?!) and it’s almost pay day! Now there’s something to put a spring in your Monday step!

It’s also winding down to the summer sales and winding up to all new fall and winter fashions (if you’re in Jo’burg you’d think it was winter already!). I’m extremely excited about the winter Friends with Jenny collection (some extremely lust-worthy styles), and the Friends with Jenny 2010 collection (that’s right, soccer fans, watch this space!).

Before we head off into beanie territory though, I’d like to remind everyone that there are still some amazing summer styles in-store – they’ll definitely be classic buys that’ll see you through the next few warm months and beyond. Some seriously stunning dresses from TWO and Guillotine for those weddings and events too! Book an appointment asap!

The success of the FWJ tea parties continues, so hurry and book a date, get your girlfriends together for a catch up and indulge in some retail therapy and personal styling advice all at the same time! Weekends are booking up fast!

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FWJ is looking for female model wannabes who need to beef up their portfolios. Mail me if your are interested.

Hump day

Yay for hump day!

Last night I saw The September Issue, and I can safely say I’m glad I don’t work for Anna Wintour. She’s a spastic colon waiting to happen, although I didn’t think she came across as unkind…just direct and an utter perfectionist. Grace Coddington on the other hand is awesome, and man, is she talented!! She also got rid of my idea that everyone in fashion is ultra glam, with her make-up free skin, crazy Welsh hair, entirely black outfits and odd shoes. I LOVE her.

Friends with Jenny update: spent yesterday morning buying fabric 🙂 Sequins here we come! Got to grips with the winter range, and samples should be coming through in the next few weeks… The plans for the studio have been finalised with the architect, so (Thank God) we are about 4 months away from a completed (and utterly gorgeous) studio space. I wait with bated breath!!

After a horrible night of tossing and turning sleep (and an aborted yoga practice this morning as a result), I really need the humour of Sleep Talkin’ Man (found via Skinny Bitches – in the making). I weep with laughter!

And of course since I’m building preoccupied at the moment, here are some blissful photos that are pure inspiration – I want to live there!

Beautiful pics found via The City Sage

2010 style goals

I’m really battling to get going this morning! I managed to drag myself out of bed and onto the yoga mat at 6am, but now I’m seriously lethargic and desperately avoiding eye-balling my bed! And it sure doesn’t help that today is a rainy stay-in-bed day in Jo’burg…

Here’s your weekly dose of Monday reading to get you into the week.


Back in action

Friends with Jenny is back in action! I feel ready to go after a wonderful break, although clearing out my inbox may take up much of today :/ EEK!

While I was away these were the StyleCandy articles published on Style Scoop:

Dare to wear celebs’ extreme looks? Read here

Cape Town concert style part 1 – the ladies. Read here

Cape Town concert style part 2 – the men. Read here

The well-dressed man. Read here

Now that should help you through the last two days of work!


Happy 2010

Oh what a holiday! Okay, okay truthfully I’m still on holiday (in Plett at the moment), but the real holiday for me was Thailand. What a lovely, lovely place! Magical! Here’s a little peak:

I saw in the new year at the famous and crazy Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, and amid the general party frenzy and day glow paint, I had a think about 2010.

• This year I’m going to apply my mind to letting go. It’s in the past and it really doesn’t matter. That counts for men, women, things and events, all from the past that really do not serve the present me to think about
• I will not try to please everyone (and end up pleasing no-one)
• I’m going to avoid grumpy-pants behaviour and up the positivity and gratefulness
• “Please” and “Thank you” never go amiss
• For once I’d like to get the sweet tooth under control. Sigh.

My 2010 theme is positivity and wealth-filled, health-filled, happiness-filled thoughts. I think it’s going to be a good, good year, and I hope you all are feeling as up-beat as me.

What are your 2010 hopes and goals?