Happy 2010

Oh what a holiday! Okay, okay truthfully I’m still on holiday (in Plett at the moment), but the real holiday for me was Thailand. What a lovely, lovely place! Magical! Here’s a little peak:

I saw in the new year at the famous and crazy Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, and amid the general party frenzy and day glow paint, I had a think about 2010.

• This year I’m going to apply my mind to letting go. It’s in the past and it really doesn’t matter. That counts for men, women, things and events, all from the past that really do not serve the present me to think about
• I will not try to please everyone (and end up pleasing no-one)
• I’m going to avoid grumpy-pants behaviour and up the positivity and gratefulness
• “Please” and “Thank you” never go amiss
• For once I’d like to get the sweet tooth under control. Sigh.

My 2010 theme is positivity and wealth-filled, health-filled, happiness-filled thoughts. I think it’s going to be a good, good year, and I hope you all are feeling as up-beat as me.

What are your 2010 hopes and goals?