Hump day

Yay for hump day!

Last night I saw The September Issue, and I can safely say I’m glad I don’t work for Anna Wintour. She’s a spastic colon waiting to happen, although I didn’t think she came across as unkind…just direct and an utter perfectionist. Grace Coddington on the other hand is awesome, and man, is she talented!! She also got rid of my idea that everyone in fashion is ultra glam, with her make-up free skin, crazy Welsh hair, entirely black outfits and odd shoes. I LOVE her.

Friends with Jenny update: spent yesterday morning buying fabric 🙂 Sequins here we come! Got to grips with the winter range, and samples should be coming through in the next few weeks… The plans for the studio have been finalised with the architect, so (Thank God) we are about 4 months away from a completed (and utterly gorgeous) studio space. I wait with bated breath!!

After a horrible night of tossing and turning sleep (and an aborted yoga practice this morning as a result), I really need the humour of Sleep Talkin’ Man (found via Skinny Bitches – in the making). I weep with laughter!

And of course since I’m building preoccupied at the moment, here are some blissful photos that are pure inspiration – I want to live there!

Beautiful pics found via The City Sage