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Monday again? Really?

Well ladies, it is almost the end of January (can you believe it?!) and it’s almost pay day! Now there’s something to put a spring in your Monday step!

It’s also winding down to the summer sales and winding up to all new fall and winter fashions (if you’re in Jo’burg you’d think it was winter already!). I’m extremely excited about the winter Friends with Jenny collection (some extremely lust-worthy styles), and the Friends with Jenny 2010 collection (that’s right, soccer fans, watch this space!).

Before we head off into beanie territory though, I’d like to remind everyone that there are still some amazing summer styles in-store – they’ll definitely be classic buys that’ll see you through the next few warm months and beyond. Some seriously stunning dresses from TWO and Guillotine for those weddings and events too! Book an appointment asap!

The success of the FWJ tea parties continues, so hurry and book a date, get your girlfriends together for a catch up and indulge in some retail therapy and personal styling advice all at the same time! Weekends are booking up fast!

Until next time,


FWJ is looking for female model wannabes who need to beef up their portfolios. Mail me if your are interested.


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