Friends with Jenny site is up!

Oh happy day! The last two weeks have demanded the upmost patience – I have had to count to 100 numerous times (mostly unsuccessfully), and have slumped onto the couch feeling defeated and deflated most days. I’m impatient you see. I like everything to happen immediately…or rather to just run to schedule. Production has been snail slow, building of my studio space is dragging by, these 4 day weeks have not helped with time management and getting things done, and all in all I’ve been having a bit of a meltdown.

And then my site went live! And I can fiddle to my heart’s content with layout, text, product images and the like (I am the web master!), and suddenly everything is looking a little brighter. One more thing to check off my list!

Have a look and let me know what you think. The site will be updated frequently, and because of the small runs and exclusivity of the stock, the online store will be constantly receiving new and delightful merchandise. These are reasons to keep checking back 😉

Have a lovely humpday!


New items in store!

Velvet oasis dress available in black and midnight blue (sizes s/m and m/l)

Sequin glam top (sizes small, medium, large)
Spinal dress (sizes s/m and m/l)
Uniform dress (sizes small, medium, large)
Velvet madrid dress (sizes s/m and m/l).  Available in choclate and cerise pink.
Sally gilet knit in beige (one size)

Reminder: Cape Town OPEN DAY tomorrow

That’s right Capetonians.  Tomorrow is the day.  And I have had the best week – loads of luscious winter stock has finally arrived, so you’ll be seeing all the stunning new stock!

So that’s tomorrow, 27 March, 10am – 3pm.  5 Glencoe Road (east off Molteno Road), Oranjezicht.
Map here.
RSVP here.

See ya then!

New online boutique

There’s a new online store launching 29 March!  Headed up by Nicky Boy, this is a brand new shopping concept for South African consumers.  Here’s the dish:

“On 29 March, 36 Boutiques will be launching its first online designer boutique sale . The sale events are for members only, so all the fashionistas have to sign up.

36 Boutiques is classified as a Private Event Retailer:
Private : one can register by invitation only.
Event: the sales are once off and only lasts 36 hours, which is very exclusive.
Retailer: establishing a new platform for the retail industry in South Africa .

The site offers South African shoppers the opportunity to purchase top designer men’s and ladies clothing for up to 80% discount on retail price, giving many South Africans an opportunity to get hold of high end fashion items, which may have been impossible before”

Check out the site here, and get registering.

Nicky Boy

Tuesday reading

What a lovely long weekend!  I always find it extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things after being slothful for 3 days straight!

It’s a 4 day week in South Africa, so enjoy your Monday Style Candy reading on a Tuesday!  This week indulge the army officer in you!

Away for the weekend

Lucky us in South Africa are having a long weekend!  I’m off to Cintsa in the Eastern Cape for some down-time, book reading, beach lazing and Easter egg eating (I might as well get a head start).  I’ve managed to damage my collar bone while practicing yoga, so I’ll also be doing my best to stay off the mat and to recover properly…and that’s a promise!

For those of you in Jo’burg, check out Wolves in Illovo for some coffee and cake.  A eclectic, beautiful space and a great place to meet up for a catch-up!

Bye bye xx

Tea parties revamped!

Well ladies, here we are on another Monday. But hooray, we day have a long weekend to look forward to at the end of the week!

As you know the FWJ tea parties (where we come to you and your girl friends with rails of fabulous clothing) have been a tremendous success. We’re adding a little something extra to that winning formula – you could call it the custard on top of the lemon meringue pie! Now there is the option of not just getting some retail therapy in your own home, but also getting expert advice from a stylist too! This means that you and your friends will not only go home with a bag full of clothes, but also a colour analysis (giving you a particular colour palette to work with when shopping and dressing) and professional guidance on how to dress for your body type.

Sounds fabulous right? The ‘Styling Tea Party’ costs just R100 per person for all the extra tips and info from our super stylist, and as usual the tea party host will receive a 20% discount on her purchases.

So get booking ladies! (Just comment on this post if you’d like to organise a tea party and we’ll get in touch)

On another note, autumn transitional stock is in-store! Stunning light-weight knits, long sleeve tees and more to see you through the cooler months. Book your appointment asap! (again just leave us a comment if you’d like to book an appointment)


Great article on wealth

This is my thought provoking read for a Monday.  I’m super stressed out at the moment about money – I need to get new stock and new styles asap, but winter styles are stuck in the production line…and that means no sales!  EEK.

So this little article landed in my inbox very fortuitously.  Love it. I’ll be thinking of ways to add value rather than make money this afternoon.