Yoga addict?

Over the past few months I’ve become more and more addicted to my yoga practice (and, it has to be said, to the toned arms and abs I’ve got as a side effect 😉

So it’s with a big smile that I’m sharing a new yoga space in Jo’burg.  Ekam Yoga is a traditional Ashtanga yoga studio, with led classes and Mysore style self-practice.  In other (more astute) words: “Ekam Yoga seeks to guide students of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to their full practice potential by providing both led primary series classes, as well as the traditional personalised instruction based training in the student’s self-practice”.

You’ll get fit, strong, flexible and focussed.  It’s a serious workout without the gym (and over muscled gym dudes) and with all the extra mind/body benefits that yoga offers.  I’m hooked!
And the studio space is GORGEOUS too (which appeals to the aesthete in me 🙂