New online boutique

There’s a new online store launching 29 March!  Headed up by Nicky Boy, this is a brand new shopping concept for South African consumers.  Here’s the dish:

“On 29 March, 36 Boutiques will be launching its first online designer boutique sale . The sale events are for members only, so all the fashionistas have to sign up.

36 Boutiques is classified as a Private Event Retailer:
Private : one can register by invitation only.
Event: the sales are once off and only lasts 36 hours, which is very exclusive.
Retailer: establishing a new platform for the retail industry in South Africa .

The site offers South African shoppers the opportunity to purchase top designer men’s and ladies clothing for up to 80% discount on retail price, giving many South Africans an opportunity to get hold of high end fashion items, which may have been impossible before”

Check out the site here, and get registering.

Nicky Boy