The day after the long weekend…

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Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa, and so a public holiday.  The boyfriend and I took Monday off and spent the weekend in Waterval Boven, in Mpumalanga.  It turns out there’s not that much to do there, besides rock climb, squeeze through water-logged caves and hike (and it was raining all weekend, so no hiking, thank you very much!) 

So we ended up having a very lazy time, sleeping, reading, eating and drinking.  And on Monday we drove off to the Kruger National Park and saw some wonderful game – white rhinos, elephants and a gorgeous male lion (we had some serious eye contact – he was about 1.5m away from my window!  YIKES!)

So it’s a three day week (and for some reason feels like I’m facing a full 5 day week!)  It’s cold cold cold in Jo’burg today (winter has started with a BANG!) and all I really want to do is climb into bed with some tea and a book.  So on that theme here’s a great article on the manly bed.  I’m not one for florals and girly frills.  I like high thread count Egyptian cotton in either plain white or something with a masculine tone.

Don’t you just want to jump right in?

Happy blogging

Big thanks to the Cosmo team for the mention on their Fashion Bloggers page.  Yay 🙂  Check it (and all the other fabulous fashion blogs) out here.

Talking of great fashion blogs, this is one I recently found: Wearing It Today.  Stylist Laura Fantacci posts pics of her outfits, trying out the trends and seeing what works and doesn’t work when there are no make-up artists, pro photographers and studio lights involved.  She’s super cute, writes well and has a great accessible style.  And you can rate her looks too!

Time wasting

I’m not actually working.  I’m pretending to.  I’m avoiding packing boxes.  It’s a pet hate (along with going to the post office to send them on their way).  Four boxes of stock need to be packed and I’m checking out Twitter, catching up on my blog reading and thinking how much I’d like some tea and something sweet.

In the spirit of time wasting, how about these lovelies from one of my favorite brands Sass and Bide?  When it come to this label, you buy something, wear it, and have no option but to be super cool.  Done.

ho hum

I’m feeling sorry for myself today.  My immune system has been a bit ropey this year, and today I feel crapstix with a sore throat and general achy-ness.  And I cannot just lie in bed and drink tea – have to work like a demon on some freelance bits and pieces.  I’m indulging myself in sour worms, which are heaven and hell all at the same time – deliciously mouth puckering but also abrasive enough to take your taste buds off.  Ouch.

I know I’ve blogged about these before, but I’m getting more and more excited about my trip to London in May – I’m going to buy me some Swedish Hasbeens