What are you grateful for today?

In between all the AWB crap, cash flow nastiness and general deep sighing moments I’ve had the last few weeks I thought it was about time to pull myself up by my bra straps and list those things/people which need thanking. So, thanks

• Easter. It was great to indulge in rabbits and eggs and hot cross buns (and get a long weekend to enjoy it all)
• Wonderful parents, because well, you put up with me, even when I should technically be out of your hair…
• Boyfriend. You are a lovely specimen of manhood and have delicious legs. Yes, and bum too. It makes for very pleasant ogling
• Yoga for putting me in my place and teaching me (well trying to at any rate) some measure of patience and gentleness with myself. It’s a work in practice
• Sushi and pizza because well you are sushi and pizza (the same goes for crisp cold chardonnay)
• Bentley the puppy because your edible wiggly self and fearless abandon to life is infectious and makes me cry-laugh
• Business. Because I have a pretty wonderful life and right now I’m able to type self gratifying stuff online for anyone to read, while browsing blogs and fashion sites all in the name of work. It’s cool

So lovely readers, what are you grateful for today?