I’d like a Beautiful Bottom please

Yes, that’s right.  A beautiful bottom.  It would definitely distract me from the fact my ribs are still sore from some yoga posture done wrong, and I’m beginning to feel twice my age.  Not cool.  I have also developed the terrible, terrible habit of switching my alarm off in the mornings and either going straight back to sleep, or listening to the infuriatingly persuasive Jen that convinces me I don’t have to get up, for gym, yoga or anything else.  When I do surface an hour later I’m mad, grumpy and all round pissed off that I didn’t get up when I didn’t actually need anymore sleep and I have a jam-packed day!

Sigh.  Anyway, back to Beautiful Bottoms.  How cute are these undies?  One thing that is sorely missing from my wardrobe is matching sets are gorgeous underwear.  (Boyfriend, this is a hint 😉 

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