The day after the long weekend…

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Yesterday was Freedom Day in South Africa, and so a public holiday.  The boyfriend and I took Monday off and spent the weekend in Waterval Boven, in Mpumalanga.  It turns out there’s not that much to do there, besides rock climb, squeeze through water-logged caves and hike (and it was raining all weekend, so no hiking, thank you very much!) 

So we ended up having a very lazy time, sleeping, reading, eating and drinking.  And on Monday we drove off to the Kruger National Park and saw some wonderful game – white rhinos, elephants and a gorgeous male lion (we had some serious eye contact – he was about 1.5m away from my window!  YIKES!)

So it’s a three day week (and for some reason feels like I’m facing a full 5 day week!)  It’s cold cold cold in Jo’burg today (winter has started with a BANG!) and all I really want to do is climb into bed with some tea and a book.  So on that theme here’s a great article on the manly bed.  I’m not one for florals and girly frills.  I like high thread count Egyptian cotton in either plain white or something with a masculine tone.

Don’t you just want to jump right in?