Ah, cuteness

The cold has got me.  And no I’m not talking about the weather, but rather about the germ.  Winter cold germs, damn you!  So I’m sniff sniffing my way through this blog post and about to follow the doctor’s advice and get into bed…well at least for a bit anyway!

I’m house-sitting my parents’ house this week and enjoying spending time with the two pups we acquired (or maybe they acquired us?) a few months ago.  Bentley and Lulu.  Naughty as all hell, but so damn cute when they wake me up in the morning with nudges and licks and sparkly eyes.  Who could get mad?!

On that note, how cute are these yoga dogs?  Have you ever!?  Brings new meaning to ‘downward facing dog’!

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Monday reading on a Tuesday

Well I had a DREAMY time in London and Barcelona.  Retail heaven I tell you!  It’s phenomenal!  I did manage to pick something up from the germ infested tubes and/or planes though, so I’m going to be spending most of today in bed and not unpacking and getting up-to-date with the mountain of work I have to do!  ARGH

Here’s the Style Scoop reading you may have missed while I was occupying fitting rooms:  I wrote a little something on bras and belts. Both wardrobe essentials!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Plus sized?

Whenever there’s a plus sized model in a fashion magazine there’s a whole lot of hoopla, and although I do think it’s an improvement on years gone by, it seems to me that it’s a trend thing, a marketing tool, and not a norm.  Do the girls below look plus sized to you? (And how demeaning is the term ‘plus sized model’ anyway? A model is a model is a model right?). I think they look fabulous – healthy, toned and fit – and maybe this is the way we create a new normal.  I just hope it sticks – it’s going to be hard to break the skinny = beautiful mindset.


I’m away walking the streets of London and Barcelona (yip, you’ll see the pics!), so here’s the first of my scheduled posts.  Enjoy!


I have a girl crush on Diane Kruger.  It’s the legs.  And in these pics by Garance it’s also her laughter and exuberance.  She looks like a fun girl, right?

I’m also mad for women in hats.  It’s unexpected, sometimes requires a bit of chutzpah to pull off, and if you have the right face for it, can be oh so pretty!

Do you repel men?

This website (Man Repeller) makes me guffaw (isn’t that a cool word?).  Mainly because I’ve heard it all before.  The boyfriend doesn’t get harem pants, fashion-forward hairdos, oversized anything and scarlet lips.  He’d roll about laughing if I wore dungarees (ok, and so might I) and he sighs when I put on my slouchy boyfriend jeans.
Men are essentially a simple species.  They like their women in short things, tight things and cleavage revealing things.  High heels are good (but not if they send you home early because you can’t walk), but boyish brogues usually get a frown.  They want simple femininity, so if you veer happily towards summer dresses, bare legs and prettiness you’re usually sure of getting a second glance.
Women however dress for other women (and their gay male friends).  And that’s what makes us want to wear cage shoes,  gladiator sandals (otherwise known by the male species as ‘Jesus shoes’), drop crotch pants, layers of lip gloss and rolled up mannish pants with a white collared shirt (aka dressing like a man). 

I get it.  I sometimes (and especially with the current trends) also look at other women and say “crikey, that’s really 80’s!”, but then I’m probably just envious of their ability to pull off a hard-to-wear look with such nonchalance. 

So, in the end I’ll carry on browsing the street style blogs and feeling inspired, and I’ll carry on wearing paper-bag pants, shoulder detailed tops (read: shoulder pads) and my favorite very red lip – who cares what the men think anyway?!

Oh, and S told me that her male friends refer to her Birkenstocks as Birth Control.  Nice.


I’m starting to get super excited for my trip to London and Barcelona…YIPPEE!  I fly on Saturday, and along with getting everything organised (and there’s suddenly always tons of stuff that needs organising right before I go away!), I’m making a list of all the must-do places in both cities. 

I’ve been to London many times, but Barcelona is uncharted territory!  Any of you stylish people out there have any shops I have to go to?

One of my favorite shops is Reiss.  I never fail to find lovely, pretty, timeless and top quality goodies here.  Take a look at what they’ve got online for SS10:

Loving all the buff, nude colours!