Do you repel men?

This website (Man Repeller) makes me guffaw (isn’t that a cool word?).  Mainly because I’ve heard it all before.  The boyfriend doesn’t get harem pants, fashion-forward hairdos, oversized anything and scarlet lips.  He’d roll about laughing if I wore dungarees (ok, and so might I) and he sighs when I put on my slouchy boyfriend jeans.
Men are essentially a simple species.  They like their women in short things, tight things and cleavage revealing things.  High heels are good (but not if they send you home early because you can’t walk), but boyish brogues usually get a frown.  They want simple femininity, so if you veer happily towards summer dresses, bare legs and prettiness you’re usually sure of getting a second glance.
Women however dress for other women (and their gay male friends).  And that’s what makes us want to wear cage shoes,  gladiator sandals (otherwise known by the male species as ‘Jesus shoes’), drop crotch pants, layers of lip gloss and rolled up mannish pants with a white collared shirt (aka dressing like a man). 

I get it.  I sometimes (and especially with the current trends) also look at other women and say “crikey, that’s really 80’s!”, but then I’m probably just envious of their ability to pull off a hard-to-wear look with such nonchalance. 

So, in the end I’ll carry on browsing the street style blogs and feeling inspired, and I’ll carry on wearing paper-bag pants, shoulder detailed tops (read: shoulder pads) and my favorite very red lip – who cares what the men think anyway?!

Oh, and S told me that her male friends refer to her Birkenstocks as Birth Control.  Nice.