South Africa is buzzing!

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about: the World Cup starting in eight days or the fact that our roads are going back to normal after years of construction and road works! Whichever it is though, South Africa is thrumming with anticipation and each time a new team lands on our soil, the enthusiasm catapults up a level! I’m still trying to get over the fact that it’s June (crikey, how did that happen?), but the idea that South Africa will be taking centre stage for over a month of festivities is really something to grin about. We’ll be in the spotlight for something entirely positive for a change!

I think that for the next week I’m going to be entirely soccer-ed up: I’ll be donning soccer tees and wearing them with pride. Of course, they won’t be green and yellow combinations in polyester. They’ll be Friends with Jenny soccer tees that are seriously cute and seriously wearable in softest cotton, a fabulous cut and complexion-friendly colours. Now that’s Ayoba!
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