I’m doing some writing/editing/proofreading on the side.  It’s another passion (hence the blog :)).  So if you or someone you know needs a freelancer, here’s the info.  Thanks xx
On another note, how cool is it that the Gautrain is up and running?  And it’s super quick too apparently.  I need to find an excuse to head to the airport and try it out! 
Phew, I’m all over the place today!  It must be the vuvuzelas in my complex: someone is feeling the need to practise.  Delightful.  I will be wearing earplugs to all the games I’m going to.  Premature deafness is not my thing.

Tie dye is coming back in a big way.  What do we think about it?  I can’t help shake the rainbow-hued-concentric-circle hippie connotations I have though…

Image via Fashion Chalet

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