Yes, I’m feeling it. You’re damn right: it is here. I saw a big Slovenia-branded bus parked outside the Hyde Park hotel (so groupies, you know where to go) and decided it was time to buy the flag, squish it between the window and door on my car and get patriotic. I think I’ve been feeling a little ‘blah’ about the World Cup because we’ve been talking about it for how long? The media killed the world cup star, if you ask me 😉

I’m having a terrific back day today. I felt limber and elastic in yoga this morning (watch, I’ll feel like I’ve had my vertebrae super-glued together tomorrow morning), although tired. I’m going to blame the lethargy on the moon and the fact that it’s new moon on Saturday. It’s easier than blaming it on high GI foods right? (No-one mention condensed milk. *Blush*.)

This little outfit is so up my street. I love to mix things that would not normally be paired together: a pretty, pretty anglaise dress and Chucks for example.

Image via the Mr Price Blog.

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