Too much information?

It’s sometimes called a ‘vart’ and sometimes a ‘queef’, but always called ‘embarrassing’. A, ahem, friend of mine experienced this in yoga this morning; a very common event apparently, especially in inverted postures. It’s pretty startling, induces immediate mortification and seems to be worse at some times than others.

I did a little web research and it seems some women actually stop practising yoga because they are so terrified of the audible and uncontrollable vart. Seems pretty sad to me, especially when you think that it’s just air and is not accompanied by any smelliness, unlike its cousin the fart.   And it’s pretty damn funny too, when you think about it.  Perhaps the best thing is to giggle and let it all out?  I guess it does depend if you’re varting next a man or a woman!

Anyone have some stories to share?  Feel free to post anonymously 😉

Now look at this back.  What’s a little vart when the destination is a strong, lean, toned body and a healthy mind?

Too pretty Carmen Kass via Knight Cat