Today I’m feeling super excited (and pretty damn cold). World Cup mania is upon the whole of South Africa, and it’s not really even about the soccer. It’s about a country that really knows how to pull it together when we need to, and how to really have a party. We’re not afraid of a little noise and a little colour. There are smiles all round at the moment, even in the traffic!

Last night I ate delicious Thai food with friends that are always good company. We drank wine, ate hot and spicy food with sticky rice, and decided that although the Thai really know how to make amazing dishes, their desserts really fall short of yummy. To be honest, they are just plain weird! 🙂

I wish I could take today and tomorrow off and really enjoy the carnival atmosphere. It certainly feels that no one wants to work at the moment!

My body is feeling tired and a little grumpy because I’ve been filling it with quite a lot of sugar lately. I continue to struggle serious sweet cravings!

I’m waking up at night thinking about work, selling, winter stock and summer fabrics. It’s not altogether fun.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cape Town to catch a World Cup game and extend the weekend into a long weekend (next Wednesday is a public holiday).