Oooer.  Don’t you just love sinuses?  I know they’re important and do great work, but at the moment they’re giving me a kick in the face; head on pillow is the only place I want to be today.

I barely made it through my practice yesterday…talk about a grumpy pants.  And talk about unbalanced…I nearly fell over with both hands and both feet on the floor!  I’m going to blame it on the practically full moon.

The Boyfriend is in Cape Town again about to watch Portugal play Spain.  I would be jealous but I’m sitting on a dry couch with a warm heater nearby, so I’m alright thanks 🙂   On another happy note, Bentley is back home after a night spent at the vet.  He is a garbage truck and this time his tummy couldn’t take it!  Poor pup!

Too cute hey?