Laugh til you pee

Last night The Boyfriend and I went to Jo’burg’s Tuscan monstrosity and watched Trevor Noah (I admit, I have a crush) and friends at the Jozi Comedy Festival.  Such, such funny stuff!  I cried, I doubled over, I may have peed a little.

Get yourself to Italy in Fourways if you need a lift after the World Cup, or just a lift, full stop.  So worth it 🙂


Does anyone else feel that?  The warmth?  The thaw?  Yes indeed, spring is not so far away!  Get yourself down to the Parktown Quarter this Saturday (that’s the center with the Woolies in it) and get yourself some yummy organic edibles and some new clothes to celebrate!  Yes, that’s right, there’s a new fashion section at the Jozi Food Market – South African designers, vintage collections and Friends with Jenny!

 More info here (and a Q&A with me 🙂 )

Dog on a treadmill

No, I don’t feel like a dog on a treadmill (or a hamster on a wheel)…well not all that often anyway.  I spent last night trying to get my pooches onto the treadmill and liking the idea of using it to burn off some of their excess energy (and there’s a lot of that!).  Bentley is seriously food driven, so I don’t think it should be that difficult to convince him it’s not terribly scary, while Lulu sat looking at me like I had just asked her to put on a dress and walk around in heels.  The problem is that the treadmill starts at a higher speed than I need it to – it needs to start at the lowest possible speed so as not to frighten the bejesus out of the hounds.  A work in progress. (P.S. Cesar Millan makes it look dead easy and he has troubled dogs galloping along in about 5 minutes flat.)

I spent yesterday doing admin – filing things has to be my worst.  I go though moments when I have to have everything as neat as possible – colour-coded, labelled, tidily at right angles – and then other days when piles of clothes gather on my bedroom chair because I can’t be bothered to re-hang them, and invoices and receipts become heaped on my desk.  Yesterday was an infrequent tidy day, and as always, I feel much better for having got a handle on things! 

How clever are these organising tools from Australian company Kikki.K?  I especially love the tax adhesive notes!


Shopping list

After running about town buying summer fabrics I needed to zone out a bit.  (Believe me; fabric shopping sucks when all the fabric you want is gone and only the awful colours are left.)  What better way than with ASOS?  Love love love.


Today I’m…running off to Doornfontein for a meeting, and dropping off stock.

I’m feeling…like someone let all the air out of my tyres.

I wish…the FWJ studio was finished and I could start with the fun stuff – wallpaper, painting and decorating.  And that I had a horse again.  I miss riding *sniff*

I’m loving…the Boyfriend.  Just because.

Tomorrow…we’re having a Christmas in July dinner party.  I was hoping it’d be a completely vegetarian affair.  Alas, not.

My to-do list…is lengthy, and I keep moving things to tomorrow’s list.

I’m hating…my hair, my dry-as-a-bone-skin and my winter wardrobe.

Last night…I ate pizza and went to a wine tasting.  16 wines and the dessert wine at the end was my favorite.  DELISH.

I’m looking forward to…yoga tonight.  I will have to muster some serious energy though.

Thank God for…tea.

How are you today?


I’m having one of those days.  You know the ones.  “Self, why are you being so irritating?  So infuriating?  Skin, why are you so tight and itchy?”

Argh.  Winter.  And I overslept by a lot, which is never a good way to wake up.  All I feel like doing is eating rusks dunked in piping hot tea.  Which of course is what I’m doing.  In fact by the end of  winter I may end up looking like a soggy rusk.  Pretty :/

I’m also having wardrobe issues (which is a pretty big downer for me).  I feel like I’ve been wearing the same outfit for weeks now.  The same jeans, long-sleeve tee and converse combo.  I think I’ve lost my initiative.  It’s a sad day when winter wins.

This lady over at Wearing It Today never seems to have a “I don’t know what to wear.  In fact, I have nothing to wear, and don’t even care!” day.  Amazing.  I love this look:

Right I’m off to eat some worms.


Vamp it up

Lord I love this furniture!  I’m in the midst of deciding what I want for the FWJ showroom (besides everything).  Too lovely.

See more from Vamp Furniture here.

Blonde ambition

I confess.  I’ve always wanted to be blonde.  Maybe not all the time, but I’d like to have the option to try it out.  Unfortunately my hair is way too dark to get there, so I’ll just have to lust after these looks:

(Whoops, sorry, no idea where I got these images!  Yikes.)