Fashion Weeks

I’m probably going to get a few funny looks for saying this (being thoroughly immersed in fashion) , but honestly I really don’t get South Africa’s plethora of fashion weeks.  There’s Jo’burg, SA Fashion Week, Cape Town, Africa Fashion Week, Durban…any I’ve missed out?  I usually make my way to SA Fashion Week, mainly because a few of the designers I know and stock participate, and I know how many months of hard work is required for five minutes of ramp time.  Not to mention the stress of putting your work and creativity out there for the front row of ‘fashion professionals’ to critique. 

And the front row does love a little sartorial analysis.  I sometimes feel that the whole fashion industry takes itself a little too seriously.   We have a few designers and editors who are South African ‘fashion royalty’, thoroughly acclaimed and whose opinions are deemed to be a make-or-break ones.  Then there are the Big Blues of SA, that stay out of the local fashion scene, but satisfy a huge consumer demand and have undoubtedly being successful  satisfying that demand. 

That’s where I would like to position myself.  There is a certain allure that a fashion week has (although that prestige is without doubt watered-down by the number of fashion weeks that exist), but I still believe that it’s a far better bet to continue to please existing customers and attract new customers, than have fleeting time on a ramp with a limited audience of fashionistas. 

It’s really all about the bottom line, no matter how many editors like to talk about “construction, narrative and innovation”. 

Right, that’s me off my soapbox.  Here’s something pretty to look at:

I’m going to be running around today looking for taps, a bath and a toilet for the my new home/studio space.  EXCITING.  In the middle of that I’m also thinking about lighting and am slightly obsessed with Willowlamp.  Don’t you just want one of these lovely things hanging above your bed?  It might be bread and water for me for a couple of months, but it’s worth it right?