Monday reading

It’s Monday again.  I spent the weekend in Plett supporting The Boyfriend in his first half marathon run.  It was fun 🙂  He of course spent yesterday hobbling around and swallowing pain killers, and I spent it under a duvet (it was freezing!), sipping on tea (or bubbly).  Not too bad! 

Last night was the final game of the Soccer World Cup.  I feel decidedly day-after-Christmas-ish.  I had a little cry when Spain was handed the trophy, and all the Dutch tears really tugged at the heartstrings.  I can’t resist a cute man crying 😉  The fireworks display was spectacular and all-in-all I’m terribly sad to see the end of the festivities!  I hope we can hang onto all the feelings of positivity and camaraderie . 

Need to distract yourself from Monday’s workload?  You can have a read about my decor daydreaming for the new FWJ studio space.  Pretty pretty pretty!  I’m going to catch up on my favorite blogs now…to distract myself from Monday’s to-do list! 



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