Today I’m…running off to Doornfontein for a meeting, and dropping off stock.

I’m feeling…like someone let all the air out of my tyres.

I wish…the FWJ studio was finished and I could start with the fun stuff – wallpaper, painting and decorating.  And that I had a horse again.  I miss riding *sniff*

I’m loving…the Boyfriend.  Just because.

Tomorrow…we’re having a Christmas in July dinner party.  I was hoping it’d be a completely vegetarian affair.  Alas, not.

My to-do list…is lengthy, and I keep moving things to tomorrow’s list.

I’m hating…my hair, my dry-as-a-bone-skin and my winter wardrobe.

Last night…I ate pizza and went to a wine tasting.  16 wines and the dessert wine at the end was my favorite.  DELISH.

I’m looking forward to…yoga tonight.  I will have to muster some serious energy though.

Thank God for…tea.

How are you today?