Oh veldskoen!

I love these shoes!  They are a collaboration between Ninon Louw (I have two pairs of her brogues…love!) and artist Beezy Bailey.  A willy print takes the veldskoen to a whole new level of coolness 🙂

I think I need me a pair!

FWJ update

Lovelies, big SALES are a-happening in preparation for SUMMER.  Head to Just (44 Stanley, JHB) or Malva (Main Street Life, JHB) and get BIG reductions on great winter and transitional styles.

ALSO, new summer stock unpacked at Me Me Me (Long Street, CT) and Fizz (East London).



Crikey.  This week has flown by!  It’s Thursday already!

Today I’m:

Feeling pretty introspective.  I’ve been thinking a lot about romantic love the past few weeks.  I read an interesting article in UK Vogue yesterday about “settling”.  We’re taught never to settle.  That settling for a man who isn’t Prince Charming or Mr 100% Right is wrong, and that we’re compromising ourselves and setting ourselves up for a marriage of dull lovelessness.  I’m fully aware of the unrealistic romantic ideas that are instilled in little girls’ heads from the moment they can understand fairy tales, and I have to agree with Vogue – settling for 80% of the attributes one wants from a husband doesn’t sound all that bad.  As long as the big ones – honesty, fidelity, respect, equality and non-abusive behaviour are met.  Oh, and physical attraction, albeit that attraction changes its nature and focus over time.  It’s a hard one though – do you make the decision consciously to settle, or is it something that happens after years of deciding not to settle (and to find someone else?).

Wearing slippers, baggy jeans and a sample tee from the summer range. 

Looking different.  Extensions were added yesterday and I’m feeling full- and heavy-headed.  They’re very cool.  I have to say though that the extravagance and unnecessary indulgence makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Thinking about work and the fact that my BFF is moving to Denmark in about two weeks.  That is something I’m blocking out!  I’m also thinking about how much chocolate I’ve consumed in the last week…seriously, sugar is very bad! 

Happy about my yoga practice this morning!  No amount of trying gets jump backs happening, and only sometimes does a jump through occur, but, yay, two postures from second series have been added!  AND, I managed not to rip out my new extensions when I jammed by calf behind my head (and tried to look comfortable!).

Wishing the lure of biting my nails would vanish in a big puff of acetone.  And that I could raid Weylandts!

Weekend recap

Seriously.  When is my skin going to grow up?  I’m 28 (almost 29 goddamnit) and I still have to wield a concealer brush like a pro.  I’ve given up on porcelain skin.  That’s not my lot in life.  I’m fair and freckled and easily sun-damaged, but I’d like to be rid of pimples please.  Ok, I know it doesn’t help that I’m a mirror scrutiniser – it’s my OCD nature – but surely the delights of puberty have an expiration date?

The weekend (when I wasn’t applying foundation) was a pretty cool one.  Friday unfortunately was a drank-too-much experience, and while fun at the time, I always end up feeling so remorseful when I’m lying in bed with one foot on the floor and one hand on the wall.  Poor body, I’m sorry.  We had dinner at Narina Trogon and then headed to Kitchener’s for far too may whiskeys.  The place was teaming with the cool kids.  Yes, that’s right, I managed to get off the couch on a Friday night and frequent a cool place.  Pretty good right?

Saturday was spent wearing sunnies, eating carbs and wanting to get horizontal.   I watched Mao’s Last Dancer – oh wow!  He’s beautiful!  And OhEmGee what I would give to be able to dance like that!  And then last night I watched Inception – Leo is back in my good books after years of irritating me (and being too pretty).  It’s an AMAZING film – watch it.

Today.  Call me Seriously Sloth.  I cannot for the life of me get going.  It’s days like this I wish I drank coffee!

One exciting thing today (amongst the meetings with builders and lighting guys) is a meeting with Gin and Chocolate.  I’m super amped.  Someone’s going to have such a pretty studio! 🙂

Studio update!

It’s looking SO good!  I think it’ll be about another two weeks, and voilà!  FWJ studio!

Notice the paint colours I’m testing out…

New stock!

How lovely are these new styles just unpacked:

Panel dress in sizes s/m and m/l (R599)

Plait puff sleeve tee.  How cute?!  Sizes s/m and m/l.  R379.

Mail me to order info at friendswith jenny dot co dot za


Monday reading

Massive leather trend?  Read all about it here.

Leather-look mini-skirts available from FWJ:

Available in s/m and m/l (R499).  Email info @ friendswithjenny (dot) co (dot) za to order.


I found more pics of cuts I like.  What do you think?  It’s always a problem when choosing celeb hairstyles to ignore the pretty face underneath and the colour of the hair (which may not be yours), and try and imagine your face and body with that cut.

Images via Vogue online