Dear Spammers

Dear Spammers,

Thanks for keeping my spam filters working at the highest level.  It’s a great service you offer.  All that time you dedicate to thinking up catchy subject lines and innovative ways to either steal my cash or infect my laptop with some nifty virus!  What a surplus of time you have!  I wonder what the hit rate is?  1 in 1000 poor souls click on the link because an until-now-unknown relative has left them 5 million pounds inheritance?  Or because SARS wants to reimburse them R100000 (even less probable than the figurative British relative)?  It’s extraordinarily creative, not to mention dedicated, to keep on sending out mails knowing that spam filters are dumping your carefully thought out crap into my junk mail folder.  You must really have a passion for fabricated bollocks.  And perhaps a well cultivated disdain for other people trying to go about their day without having low class fiction thrown at them, clogging up their mail boxes and sending actual legitimate emails to the trash.

I hope you have a suitably horrible day,



All comments from professional spammers welcome.  I would love to know what makes you do what you do and whether you really are as stupid as you come across.