Who you looking at?

Grrr.  Don’t even get me started.  This week has been a jittery, jump off a high building type.  Or the type where someone looks at you funny and in your mind you launch at them with an implement (in my mind it’s always something odd, like a pineapple) and knock them about the head. 

Here’s something to take heed of.  In emails it’s easy to say things that you wouldn’t be able to say to someone’s face, or even to someone’s imagined face over the phone.  You can be a bitch or you can be over-the-top in love.  My week’s experiences have been around the bitch type of mail.  Just don’t ok?  It makes you seem like a miserable sack of you-know-what.  And then I have to restrain myself from hitting reply and using words my mother would gulp at . . . And then we are back to the pineapple up-side the head fantasy.

Yoga has been a hard slog, so I can’t even say I’ve used asana as therapy this week.  Oh well, at least it’s Thursday and it’s raining (heaven!).  I am moving into my gorgeous house on Saturday (Saturday.  Builders and your grubby hands and lack attention to detail, did you hear that?). 

Right, no use griping.  I’m not a Chilean miner.  I’m just going to take myself back to Thailand: