Mysore, India

Well, here I am.  India is a wild place, which is what I imagined…but somehow one can’t be totally ready for the assault on the senses which is India!

The flight from Jo’burg was easy.  Walking out of the airport in Mumbai was something else entirely!  I felt immediately overwhelmed!  Anyway, I managed to work out how to get a taxi, and off we went to the Transit Hotel (to meet up with S and her hubby).  Now this is what I had imagined – crazy traffic, scooters, endless hooting, dirt and plastic bags, and many, many stray dogs, cats, cows and chickens (although the cows and chickens were probably not strays :))

Next was a flight to Bangalore (at 6am) and then a 4 hour taxi drive to Mysore…inducing much car-sickness and unhappiness.  (I think on the trip back it’s a train or plane). 

Finally we arrived at the family hosting us – cleanish rooms, flushing toilet, but unfortunately no shower curtain…what is up with that!?  We hopped on a scooter (with much anxiety on my side…the traffic and traffic “rules” are truly terrifying) and immediately stocked up on essentials – Handy Andy equivalent, scrubbing brushes, a kettle, cute and kitsch cutlery and crockery, and cornflakes!

Today was our third yoga practice with Sheshadri, who is an amazing and teeny-tiny Ashtangi, who has managed to flick me into some amazing postures. I’m sore and stiff (and eating loads!), but somehow when he’s standing on my back while I’m forward bending, I feel exhilarated! 🙂

Tomorrow is our last practice for the week (Sunday is our day off)…I’m thrilled 🙂 And it’s massage time tomorrow as well 🙂

Bring it!