10 things I love about yoga

1. Two hours where I’m out of my head and into my body.

2. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time, which leaves me calmer and a nicer person for the rest of the day.  Sweat is important.

3. How every day is different – today my body felt like hell; no strength and achy.  On Saturday I felt amazing – flying through two hours with jump throughs and jump backs after every posture.  One can never become complacent and it always is worth asking: “Why am I feeling like this?”

4. Awareness that emotions sit in the body – witness my tears after any back bending today and how all my anger is sitting in my right adductor

5. Proof of our capacity to change.  I remember when I started and couldn’t lift my own body weight…and how I can now do all sorts of things I never imagined…with many things still to accomplish.  It’s humbling and soothing – everything comes when it’s meant to and there is continuous transformation.

6. Proof also that practice really does make perfect – nothing happens without hard work, but application and focus always leads to a favorable outcome.

7. Breathing.  I don’t do enough of it.  Obvious: oxygen is vital.

8. Core strength.  In the literal and figurative senses.

9. Muscles.  Who doesn’t want to look better naked?

10. All the other changes that come about with a constant yoga practice – wanting more and more to do everything to do with yoga and to live a yogic lifestyle.

And so I just may be saved by asana.


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  1. Who doesnt want to do yoga after reading this! SHEW! Im sold! need to find the time! Doing pattern making and sewing courses in the evening now… do they do early morning classes?

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