Weekend round-up

  • Friday night saw me venturing out on the town…as one is forced to do when one is single for the first time in 4 years.  Luckily the party was amazing and I had a great time – the worst is when you drag yourself out and the music sucks and you get hit-on by weird men with mullets.  Home at the extremely respectable hour of 4am.  *pat pat*
  • Yesterday was a lazy, subdued day with PVR’d Grey’s Anatomy
  • I also went and watched Black Swan, which blew my mind.  Natalie Portman is amazing – beautiful and so vulnerable and fragile as the white swan and powerful and dangerous as the black.  It’s dark and twisted and definitely thought-provoking.  Having read some reviews, most of them centre on Nina’s supposed schizophrenia that ultimately leads to her demise.  Rather than mental illness (although there’s definitely some of that in the OCD, eating disorders and self-mutilation), I saw Nina struggling to integrate her black and white swan – her good and bad (shadow) – the ability for her to let go of perfection and her mother’s expectations, and embrace her sexuality, anger and jealousy.   She manages to do just that in her tremendous last dance, but seems to ultimately be unable to amalgamate the different parts of herself.
  • The rest of today will be yoga recovery, tea, some proofing work and general laziness.  Woot.