Change your life

Today I’m reminded of something a new friend said to me while sitting checking out the sunset from my rooftop bedroom in India.  “Just decide to change your life.”  Simple. 

And it is pretty simple if you think about it (and it’s even simple-ish if I think about it through my headache haze and guilt for not going to yoga this morning).  I’m in the midst of trying to change my life…although in the last 8 weeks my life has done somewhat of a 360…and trying to integrate all of it is probably the reason for the aching head!

Nonetheless, here’s what I’m thinking (in no particular logical order):

  • Just when you think you know someone…bam!  They do something truly unexpected. 
  • Doubts before the wedding day are normal.  An almost called off wedding 4 weeks before the day is worrying…especially if it’s not the first time.
  • Sugar is addictive
  • Having a crush on a friend is not a particularly good strategy for mending a broken heart.
  • India is calling me…and yoga teacher training is on my mind.
  • Manufacturing a clothing range has lost its lustre.  Or perhaps it’s just because fashion is damn unpredictable and for the last 3 years the ratio of energy expended to income earned has been dangerously out of whack.
  • One’s ‘passion’ seems to change as the years go by – what was yesterday’s work passion is today’s self-doubt.
  • Inventory is a bitch.
  • My tears sit in my lower back at the moment.  Solidly wet and painful.
  • Changing one’s life.  A simple enough thing to say.  But the more I think about it, the more I wonder how you decide which way to go?