This past weekend I spent many hours in my bed.  Lazy, I know.  But comfortable and necessary it most definitely was.  Does anyone else feel like shouting at the universe, “Can you please slow things the fuck down?”.  It’s just about April and I feel like I’ve been through a year’s worth of stuff in the last three months. 

So a weekend in bed was a pleasant respite!  And got me thinking:

  • What does ‘letting go’ actually feel like?  The idea is bandied about so often it’s become a cliché, but seriously, I’d like a ten-step plan please.
  • In my next life I’d like to come back as my cat – he’s cute, flexible, sleeps all day, prowls around all night, is fed on demand, and gets hugged and kissed thoroughly all day.
  • Caterpillars become liquid before they turn into butterflies … food for thought.
  • Some days the idea of being adjusted in yoga completely freaks me out.  In fact I practiced all last week in my lounge just to avoid being touched and pushed and watched.
  • Apparently I’m turning 30 this year.  It hit me like a tequila on a hangover that I may be aging when I saw my oldest nephew the other day – tall, pimpled, voice-broken and stumbling through adolescence …
  • The anticipation of an ex getting married is actually much worse than the fact.  You should always give your old toys to those less fortunate (yes, that is me making myself feel better).
  • I’m blonde after always being brunette (with a brief dalliance with red).  It’s not that much fun yet – bleach burns like hell and I’m more Labrador than platinum right now.  Round two tomorrow let’s see if I can recognise myself … watch this space.



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