10 reasons why men should do yoga

1. Women like limber men.  A man who can touch his toes with a straight spine and straight legs is a seductive sight.

2. Yoga gives you muscles.  I’m not talking the big, bunchy muscles you’ll get by lifting weights next to the man in the wife-beater (who by the way cannot touch his toes).  I’m talking about long, lean muscles in places you weren’t even aware of.  Which means that I’ll notice the intricate landscape of muscles in your arms and back as you unroll your yoga mat next to mine.

3. Yoga makes you strong.  Lift your entire body-weight into a handstand kind of strong.  It’s beyond attractive to see a man spending effortless time in the air as he lowers himself slowly into a posture. 

4. Yoga is a pastime dominated by women.  Women in tight outfits, with toned and flexible bodies, sweating in downward dog.  It’s a no-brainer.

5. Yoga gets you in touch with your body.  And that will give you many a conversation opener with the yoga girl you’ve been eyeing.  Men who understand mind-body connection come off as more introspective and interesting … even if all they really want is to sleep with you.

6. You’ll naturally head in a more healthy direction the more you practice.  It’ll take some time, but soon you’ll understand that a boozy, garlic-saturated night before does not make you the teacher’s pet the next morning. 

7. You’ll lose weight.  Along with healthier choices, you’ll also find that the slimmer you are and the smaller your gut, the easier it is to get into postures.  And getting into a posture you’ve been struggling with for months makes you feel great.  Also, contrary to uneducated popular belief, yoga is a work-out and you’ll burn plenty calories.

8. Girls will touch you (or boys if that’s your thing).  Teachers will adjust you, meaning that someone will grab your ass, put their hands (or feet, or chest) on your body and get into your personal space, all in the name of getting you deeper into a posture and/or correcting your alignment.

9. It’s very metrosexual … actually it’s ubersexual.  It does totally depend on the type of girl you’re hoping to attract (i.e. not the one who’s wearing make-up at 5am at the gym), but it shows a certain open-mindedness that us yoga girls like.  It’s not easy for men to become flexible and it’s not easy when you’re used to running or swimming or pumping weights, but get on your mat and show some humility, and I’m game.

10.  You’ll be better at everything.  Be it golf, running, water polo or paddling, the flexibility and strength you’ll gain from yoga will help you with consistency, performance and stamina.  And you’ll feel better at your computer too.

And here’s an extra one just for good measure. Yoga chicks have strong core muscles, defined arms, strong thighs, and here’s the clincher, robust pelvic floor muscles.  Yes.